Fins & Fur Guide Service

Licensed and Insured

Scheduling for all services is available by contacting me via phone or email.  

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We offer both half day and full day fishing trips for either open water or ice fishing.  We will give you suggestions on where to go, based on time of year and what type of fish you're after.  Ultimately, the decision of where to go is yours.  When at the lake, we will guide you to the best locations and give you instruction on techniques and lures.  We offer a choice of guide only, or guide and equipment.  For an open water trip, this includes rod, reel, tackle, and bait.  The same equipment is provided for ice fishing, along with a heated tent and power ice auger.  All half day trips include beverages and snacks.  Full day trips will also include lunch.  On our rates page, we have pricing options for parties of 1-3.  We welcome larger groups, but pricing will be discussed on a case by case basis.  This is a great idea for families, individuals, and even business events.  All anglers must have a valid Utah fishing license.


We offer guided hunts for both elk and deer in various locations on public land.  

Hunters must have tag for species and location of desired hunt.  Contact us with your tag information, along with any question you may have.


Whether you are new to fishing or just can't quite figure out how to be successful on public waters, a seminar may be the perfect fit for you.  Our seminars are customized to your particular needs.  We will provide beneficial information for the lake you're going to, and the type of fish you would like to catch.  This includes going over different types of fishing techniques as well as lures, poles, line, bait, locations, etc.  We will explain the necessary steps in order to be safe year round.  Everything you need to know to have an enjoyable trip will be covered!.

Fishing Hotspot Map

Have you ever been to a lake and wondered " I wonder where I should fish at?" or "Where's the best spot to fish?"  We can help.  Our hotspot maps are PDF satellite images marked with up to 3 different locations on the lake of your choice.  We know where the fish are, and where you are most likely to catch them.  We will let you know what species you can expect to catch in each spot.  The marked locations will also help you get away from the crowded areas on the lake, escaping the general public.  Additionally, the map will include the lures/bait that work best for your area and the fishing technique to use.  Upon purchase, you will receive your map within one business day via email.  This is a great tool for anyone that wants to catch fish on public waters.